Starcrawler - Collectable Print #7

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Starcrawler - Collectable Print for shop - square.jpg
Starcrawler - Collectable Print for shop.jpg
Starcrawler - Collectable Print for shop - square.jpg

Starcrawler - Collectable Print #7


Arrow of Starcrawler shot in London

Heavyweight Art Print on 300gsm White Recycled Board - First Edition

A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches)

Free Delivery to the UK


Hi there :) I can see that you have found yourself at one of my Collectable Print’s pages - welcome!!

In case you are curious to know how this project came about, and how you can play a part in it, please carry on!

A couple years after throwing myself into the exciting (and bruising!) lifestyle of documenting bands, I came to the uneasy realisation that in order to keep doing what I was doing something had to change. Going to gigs and spending time working on my photos (although exceedingly rewarding!) was costing me a bit at the end of each month; wether it be on equipment, travel or time. And I knew that realistically, if I wanted to keep doing what I was doing, I would have to think of a supplementary way of making it sustainable.

I didn’t want to limit myself to shooting only when on assignment, and had also found that half of the fun in it all was when spontaneously going out and shooting bands non-committedly and unexpectedly.

Here’s where this print comes in! To cover the costs of shooting I thought I could start making some recurring, affordable photo prints and have them available as collectables!

They are different to my normal art prints which are considerably pricier; they are smaller prints (still printed on professional paper) but made with more affordable materials!

I will be releasing a collectable print at the beginning of each month with the purpose of making them into a nice little exclusive collection (which has begun to feel like so, specially after a few releases!)

Buying one of these prints would help me cover the costs of the shoots I shoot for free and support my photography in general! ♡

Most of the photos featured in this project are photos of gigs I’ve shot for free, but not all of them. Some artists have kindly allowed me to donate a print of our assignment together to the project as well, which has made the project an even so more complete reflection of my photography as a whole.

Thank you so much for being here and for your support! It really makes all the difference. I hope you enjoy starting (or continuing!) your collection!

Lot’s of love, Andreia xx

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